Harry Potter Studio

On Wednesday I went to the Harry Potter studio tour near London and, although very biased as I'm an unashamedly enormous HP geek, it was absolutely brilliant.

Me and my boyfriend on Hagrid's motorbike awyeah

Although the were lots of parts of the museum that I really enjoyed just in a geeky excited way, some of the sections that most interested me and made me want to create were the Creature Shop and looking at the ridiculously detailed sets and props. (I didn't take any of the following pictures!)

Illustration of the Creature Shop (I'm not sure who by!)
Creature Shop

Friendly faces

After visiting I thought I might like to experiment with making some tactile objects instead of just drawing all the time. When I was in secondary school I wanted to study costume or theatre design at university so maybe it's time to dabble in that side of my practice again. I might have a go at creating a few puppets and sets and having a go at stop-motion. I've been dipping into this book on and off recently too and it has some really exciting ideas in it. 

Also, on a pretty unrelated note, I can't mention going to the Harry Potter studio without including a picture of the Hogwarts model, because OH MY GOD.

It's hard to get a sense of scale from just looking at  a photo but this thing is *huge* and absolutely incredible in its detail. My inner twelve year old was crying with joy when I saw this.

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  1. its everything so awesome, just wish the pics were bigger ;)