Jamie Mills

Absolutely love these, more here.


Lovely Linocuts

All hail the Disillusioned Frog


Times New Viking / Animation Love

"...The band have selected the brilliant ‘No Room To Live’ as the first single from the forthcoming LP. The track was originally released last year as a tour-only 7″, and was featured on our list of 2010′s best tracks. Check out the song’s incredible video below. To produce the clip, the band enlisted the help of around forty artists, mostly from the Columbus, Ohio area. The video was shot in real time, then each individual frame was printed out and hand drawn, coloured or decorated to produce almost three thousand individual images, which were then put back together."



Gemma Correll

is awesome. More here.

(I think the picture above just about sums up my entire life)

Snow Fox

aka. Arctic Fox. Really quick sketchbook drawing - I think he looks slightly shifty.


Julia Pott

She is my favourite illustrator EVER. More here.


Nikki Marie Jackson

Just stumbled across her work again and I'm totally in love with it.  I remember I once sold some of my handmade jewellery at one of the craft fairs she used to organise in Salford (Cheap Affair / now Cheap Zine) but didn't really notice her work at the time, lame! More of her work here.


More Lovely Stopmotion

This video is so cute, Grass Widow are awesome too. I really, really, really want to have a go at making something using stopmotion one day.


Pine Marten

Coasting and Lovely Stopmotion

I abolsutely love everything about this - the track is summery and shambolic and lovely and the animation by Alice Cohen is really charming. Love. This is currently out as part of a triple A-Side 7" EP on the excellent M'Lady's Records.


Disillusioned Frog

Badgers Are Hard

Having a bit of a badger phase at the minute, might colour him in properly when I get home.


Life Drawing

20 minute poses with lovely graphite stick, I love graphite stick. I hate charcoal, ugh.



Hello glorious Offbeat zoo (I wish such a thing existed (even though I don't really like zoos)).


Making a mixtape for the swap at Offbeat and wanted to do a nice cover, I like how it's turning out but I'm a bit stuck what to put on the bottom section!


More Dots

She is my favourite. 

Things I Have Been Doing Now & Then

I've been going a bit mad with my sewing machine over the past couple of days, been feeling super industrious and excellent.

Jesscat banner which is currently residing in my bedroom but which I plan on taking out to craft fairs and things in the future.

Partially stuffed owls (they have hidden hearts under one wing and hidden green shield badges under the other to prove their membership in a very top secret organisation which I am not at liberty to talk about).

I bought a few vintage picture frames from a charity shop, painted them and put some of my own drawings in, will probably do loads more of these.  

Ridiculous cushion covers