White Corolla

I have no idea why I haven't posted this before, it's pretty much the best thing ever. It's Julia Pott's music video for White Corolla by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and it's SO GOOD.


Crayons and Envelop

This is also in the mini-zine I made yesterday, lovely.

Opened an Envelop shop today, this tote bag will be in it shortly, would it be really sad if I bought one for myself? Buying one anyway!



Can't actually stop drawing lately, I think I may have a problem. Been mega busy today finishing things off / sorting out my portfolio for an interview at Kingston Uni on Thursday, but knocked up a mini-zine tonight just for chillz.

It's basically a list of my favourite things, so therefore naturally includes cats and records.


Serious Iguana



These are the first two pages of a new illustration zine I've just started working on, basically an A-Z of slightly strange / obscure animals.
I'm on J at the minute so almost halfway finished!


...and MORE

This amazingness is pretty much the best thing I've seen all week.

New Fave Illustrator ALERT

Well, one of many, many, many new faves, but Laura Gee's work really stood out to me, so much love for it. Especially love her 3D work which is something I'd never even thought about in the context of illustration before!


Gocco Gocco Gocco Oh My Word!

So I've played around with screenprinting a bit at college before and really liked it. I read a couple of articles on how you can do it at home and things but it all looked too complicated / I haven't got the space etc. I'd heard the word 'gocco' floating around on illustration blogs and things but just assumed it was something you'd get done professionally, like taking images to the printers or whatever. But I just stumbled across THIS:
(ignore the Valentines part, ugh)

Oh my word, I'm not going out until I've saved up for one of these (I'm so lame).

More Lovely Illustrators I've Discovered Recently

Gabriella Barouch 

Liv Bargman


Photocopying Joy

Have spent a ridiculous amount of time by the photocopier today. I really like working on top of photocopies though, I'm going to try copying onto tracing paper and acetate next and layering images up over each other.

Glorious blown-up-to-A3 bear

Charity Shop WIN

I found this in my amazing local charity shop this morning, got way excited like a total lame-o as I'd been looking for / wanting one for ages. It's such a lovely colour as well! I've already tried out typing things over photocopies of my work and I absolutely love how it looks so I should expect this will be featuring quite prominently in the next couple of things I come up with. I also want to incorporate more Dymo letter tape (like on the bear sketch in my last post) and Letraset (if I can find some somewhere!) into my work as well as hand drawn lettering. Oo, exciting!


Sketchbook and Other Odds

I've done loads and loads of sketchbook work over the last week or so, which has mainly included animals wearing jumpers.

Been feeling a bit rotten today but made time for pandas, owls and bears.

Also, made an excellent K Records tshirt tonight (I love them).


Lovely Illustrators I've Discovered Recently

There are loads and loads but these are some of my favourites..

Alyssa Nasser

Sandra Dieckmann

Alice Potter



Even More Super Quick Sketchbook Birds

I just really, really, really like drawing these.

Tasteless Jumper Rabbit

More Super Quick Sketchbook Birds

Hey Sugar

This is a really, really quick sketchbook drawing I did without pencil or anything underneath, but I quite like how it came out.


Owls and Jewellery Yeah

Selling my handmade jewellery and other strange things on the Offbeat craft stall, yeaaaahhh. I wanted to have some fanzines or prints or something ready as well but didn't have time since I've been busy with my various illustration / printmaking projects. Next time!

Lovely Clocks

I want to make one of these so badly.