Another poster for Beautiful  Strange. Shura describes her music as "night-folk" which I think is one of the loveliest names for a genre that I've ever heard ever.


Hello From Manchester

I've been wanting to do either a Sheffield or a Manchester postcard for a few months now but had never got round to it until tonight. Going to put this in the end of year exhibition tomorrow I think since the last project was loosely based around Manchester. 
I guess it's a good piece of work to round off my first year of university with too. It's been majorly up and down (like I guess most peoples' first years are) but overall I've loved it and I totally adore Manchester as a place to live.

(Buildings L-R!: Cornerhouse, Manchester Wheel, Chinatown arch, town hall, Manchester Art Gallery, Salford Lads' Club, Frank Sidebottom graffiti in the Northern Quarter, Palace Theatre, Manchester Museum, Craft and Design Centre)


More School

Here's a quick portrait I did of Liz from The School which I was going to use for the Pull Yourself Together poster (before I obviously changed my mind). Thought I would put it up here just because.

The Middle Ones

Flyer advertising The Middle Ones' new album, Slow and Steady, for the super wonderful Discount Horse Records.


Vapid Kitten Extravaganza

While we were exploring the Zine Fair yesterday we also contributed to Vapid Kitten's wonderful 'Zine in a Day' project, which aimed to produce a fanzine in the time the Zine Fair was open for, this time with the theme of 'Collaboration'. They set themselves a pretty tight deadline, to get all submission ready by the end of the Fair at 5pm, but they totally pulled it off.

"Feminist duo Vapid Kitten invite visitors to contribute creatively to a special edition of the fanzine Vapid Kitten... [will be] aiming to include a big mishmash of experiences, words, drawings, collage and poems ...and would like to get as many people involved as possible."

And here's the finished zine!

Manchester Fanzine Convention 2012

Yesterday afternooon myself and the lovely Hebe went to check out Manchester Fanzine Convention, I'd been wanting to go for the last couple of years so I was super excited! It was at Victoria Baths near Rusholme, a beautiful old disused swimming pool.

As well as the stalls selling all kinds of artists' books, fanzines, screeprints, crafts, etc, there was also an exhibition called 'Shape & Situate: Posters of Inspirational European Women' which was incredible.

I also managed to catch a bit of Salford Zine Library's film 'Self Publishers of the World Take Over' (chapter called 'Freedom of Self Publishing' below!) while Hebe did a linocutting workshop.




Busy getting my degree in Flyin'  Kites.

Pull Yourself Together

Gig poster for Pull Yourself Together. This is the second poster I've done for The School, but hopefully this one's a bit better!


Cream Soda Grrrl

Cassette tape cover for the Joanna Gruesome and Playlounge split EP.



Gig / alldayer poster for Alcopopalooza 4 for Alcopop! Records and DIY Magazine. Credit for the tote bag idea goes to my beautiful bro Josh. Soz for the typo, Sam Isaac.

John Dilnot

I was recommended this artist by my uni tutor at my last tutorial and oh my are they lovely! John Dilnot is a British printmaker and illustrator who produces mini artist books and box works as well as larger scale screenprints. I love his use of colour!


Thanks Sandbar!

Oh look I'm this Friday's Featured Artist on the Sandbar website! Sandbar is a lovely little pub really near my flat, they hold life drawing afternoons and film screenings and other such wonderful things, I'd definitely recommend it.


Flying Machines

Spent an afternoon drawing planes at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Party Hard

Poster for a new Manchester ~pArTy~ clubnight called Party Hard at The Star and Garter (one of the loveiest pubs in Manchester).