Typical Girls

I've run a night called Typical Girls on-and-off since 2010-ish, playing women fronted music and organising gigs to showcase women in bands. I started it in Sheffield and I've been thinking about finally organising a Typical Girls night in Manchester for a while so I'm ridiculously excited. There are a few of us organising it this time and we've had an amazing response from other people wanting to get involved too. We'll have bands and a zine stall and other lovely things and will hopefully raise some money for Rape Crisis.


MMU FemLib society

The MMU FemLib society is starting to properly take shape, we've got some really exciting plans for the next couple of weeks and months. Currently thinking about visiting exhibitions, running workshops and outreach sessions as a society. Really exciting, especially since we're the only political society that exists within the Student Union!

logo I made this afternoon

our glorious flyers by myself and Hebe


Reclaim the Night

Will actually write things here later but for now here's a picture of our amazing banner from Reclaim the Night yesterday.


More FemLib / Reclaim the Night things

Banner progress from tonights meeting

(any excuse to get the glitter out)

Project:BABE 'Becoming' Exhibition

I'm submitting some work to project:BABE's 'Becoming' exhibition really soon and they asked me to do the launch poster for it too, here's the first version!


More Reclaim the Night things

I helped to organise a placard making workshop for Reclaim the Night with the beginnings of an MMU Feminist society yesterday. Here are some photos that Hebe took of things we came up with! 

We've started making a huge banner as well which should look marvellous. We also talked about creating a writing wall in the union where people could add their thoughts / experiences of sexual harassment and related issues.