Gig Posters

These are some posters for gigs I organised a couple of years ago. Really want to start putting gigs on in Manchester, might have a go once I move out of halls.


69 Love Songs Illustrated

No idea how I've not seen this before but this is ridiculously wonderful.

No One Will Ever Love You by Roman Muradov

Girls Get Busy!

Forgot to blog this when it first came out but my Miranda July illustration made the cover of Girls Get Busy Zine #10! 

GGB is one of my favourite zines ever, they're super awesome. Support!


Allo Darlin' Poster

Here's a poster I illustrated for a gig that Underachievers are promoting in Manchester. I love Allo Darlin', I organised a gig for them in Sheffield a year or two ago and it was wonderful so I'm really excited for this one!