Festive Cat

Drew someone's cat for a Christmas card



Got a Wacom tablet for an early Christmas present, here is the first masterpiece.

Really excited about figuring out how to do fancy Illustrator things with it!

The Return of Cat Moon

All hail Cat Moon



Another amazing bit of abstract animation, I have absolutely no idea how this was created (although I wish i did!), paint stop motion?! I love Vimeo.


This video / song, just wow ~~~~~~~


Epitaph For My Heart

I've just finished a lovely commision to illustrate one of my favourite Magnetic Fields' songs, Epitaph For My Heart.

Scribbly Self Portrait


Dziga Vertov

Before making the cat moon below, i went to see a screening of Dziga Vertov's "Man with a Movie Camera" which was showing in The Holden Gallery as part of their Screen: Artist Film Series week. I thought this film was absolutely stunning; hypnotic, and at the same time both intricate and vast. The whole film (with the 1996 score, the version I saw was the 2003 one I think) is also on Youtube!

I will more than likely be heading down to the Holden Gallery again this week to see some of the other films since this one was so fantastic.

Cat Moon

I decided to try out using the large format printers at uni yesterday, so I printed a giant moon and lots of cat faces and this was the result, truly majestic. It is now gracing my living room wall.


Geekin out

As part of my Contextualising Practice coursework for the Narrative Word and Image module I'm taking, I had to produce a map of a well known narrative using no writing. Obviously I chose to do Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone because I am a ridiculously enormous HP geek.

I did this really quick and sketchy but it was super fun to draw.

More Amazing Animation Inspiration

by Hiraoka Masanobu


Annoying Couples

Quick illustration I did of me and my boyfriend Jack

I was genuinely disappointed there wasn't more colourful colouring in for me to do, goff lyf.


Animation Beginnings and Stills

In the last week or so I've finally started drawing out the first frames of my animation after lots of visual research and planning and learning new software. Here's the first animatic loop which I'm currently illustrating my characters over. I will probably add a few more inbetween frames to the run animatic whilst I'm animating my characters.

Here's a still of one of my characters over the running loop!