Owen Pomery

I've already posted about 69 Love Songs, Illustrated (I don't think my brain could handle a combination much better than illustration and The Magnetic Fields) but they've reopened submissions this week and introduced me to Owen Pomery's work. He did an amazingly simple and pretty much perfect comic for I Don't Want to Get Over You (one of my favourite songs ever, ever). Swoon!

I really, really want to submit some work to the project, especially since some of my favourite songs are still available, but I've know idea how I'd produce anything even close to the loveliness of everyone else's work!

Winter Beats

If I could animate any song in the world, it would be Winter Beats by I Break Horses. Just a shame it has such an amazing looking video already, sigh. ONE DAY.

This song gives me ~all~ the feels!


Delta / Alaska

Another gig poster for Beautiful Strange. 

And here it is three quarters of the way through drawing, just because.

The colouring took exactly four Mountain Goats albums, just so you know.


March at The Whitworth Gallery

After another afternoon of drawing old buildings around the University of Manchester campus, I dropped by the Whitworth Gallery for the first time in a while to see their newest exhibition, Cotton: Global Threads. 

The pieces I most fell in love with were Lubaina Himid's illustrated kangas. 
(The kanga  is a colourful garment worn by women and occasionally by men throughout Eastern Africa. It is printed cotton fabric, about 1.5m by 1m, often with a border, and a central part which differs in design from the borders. Kangas are usually very colorful and commonly feature a message often in the form of riddles or proverbs.) 

I also managed to catch the last couple of weeks of Dark Matters which was wonderful. My favourite pieces included were Paula Rego's super creepy and totally amazing etchings of famous nursery rhymes.