New Gig Poster

Tripwires show poster for Loomer Booking Agency. I love doing gig posters and I think this is my favourite one yet.


More Different Drawing Styles

Sketchbook Girls

Recent Sketchbook Things

I've been doing loads of experimenting in my sketchbook lately; different styles of drawing and using different media, mainly watercolour and Indian ink. I really love how some of the pages have come out so I'll keep going with it.


Charley Harper

...has been a favourite for a while now, I'm totally in love with his use of colour and shape.


So Yeah This is Awesome

One Year of Girls Get Busy Zine

More (Old) Gig Posters

 I found these in the deep, dark depths of the internet (an old MySpace account to be specific) from gigs I organised in 2009-ish, at least they show I've improved?!
That Lovely Eggs gig was awesome.


Greedy Hen

I found a note in one of my old sketchbooks today that just says 'Greedy Hen'. I was curious so I looked it up and it turns out they're a two woman art collective / design studio who happen to produce some of the most gorgeous work I've seen in ages!


Tuesday Bassen

...is another of my favourite illustrators, website here.