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I've been reading loads lately and have decided to occasionally record some of my favourites on this here blog.

Recently I've been dipping in and out of National Geographic's 'Essential Visual History of World Mythology'. I've had an interest in mythology since i was in about Year 3 and got obsessively into The Egyptians when we studied them at school. I learnt an entire alphabet of hieroglyphs off by heart. (I know the ancient Egyptians didn't use a Roman alphabet but come on, it was Year 3). Egyptian mythology is still my favourite to read about although I've also enjoyed learning about Norse mythology (I had a primary school Viking phase too). I think studying up on mythology will also help with my Contextualising Practice summative essay which i'm going to write on 'Feminism and the Fairy Tale'. A lot of what I'm going to be reading / writing in the next few months will concern European folklore and mythology but it can't hurt to have a basic understanding of the rest of the world's myths and legends either as many of the stories are similar but with slight variations on names / places.

In relation to this I've started reading Grimm's Fairy Tales and plan to read Hans Christian (sadly my copies doesn't have as amazing covers as these ones do!)

I've recently reread The Hobbit before I went to see this film (both brilliant and full o' Norse mythology) and am currently reading Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami for something completely mythology free.

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