...and Bears and Cats and Dinosaurs


Just sayin' 

Got Photoshop yesterday and consequently stayed up nearly all night colouring things in and being really lame and excited. I love this guy ^

Knit Envy

I want this Fox Scarf (and actually everything else) by Knit & Destroy so badly! I remember seeing her amazing knits at the Craft Candy Christmas Fair in Sheffield last year but was super super skint.
I attempted to teach myself to knit over summer but didn't get very far - I think I will leave it up to the pros.


Zine Ideas With the Elderly

I'm starting a collab illustration zine with my bro Josh, this first one is going to be about old people, I'm excited. I've started drawing out a couple of ideas, this being one of the first. 


Not-quite-as-terrifying Second Post

Also drew this guy today, I think he is rather charming, if a slightly terrifying. Josh has decided he looks like an Ivan and I can't say I disagree.

I love drawing birds.

The Terrifying First Post

Dorothea (aka Dot). She's not quite finished and I really need to find a *working* scanner or at least a good digital camera rather than just the rubbish one on my phone. I think I just like drawing old people (and using fineliners)