Papergirl Manchester Logos

Awkward Atwood Doodles

So I finally finished reading The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood last night, it was totally incredible. Here is a super quick doodle of her knitting a great auk.

Ladyfest Manchester Logo


Coat of Arms

Part of a recent university project.. redid the Manchester coat of arms and made the animals (very slightly) less terrifying.


Rad Cat Lives in Glorious Technicolour

(or just teal)
Will probably get some cards / prints made of this.


...are an indiepop band from London who happen to have really, really awesome music videos.

Emily and the Woods Tote Bag Designs, First Attempts

The ballet shoe image is taken from her video for Steal His Heart which is lovely!


Lady Daydream

This is one of my favourite songs and the video for it by Imaginary Animal is SO PERFECT.

Dreary Girls

An Afternoon of Drawing

Drawing creepy things in Manchester Museum...

...and the beginnings of one of the amazing University of Manchester buildings.

Then I went to a screening of the Annie Leibovitz documentary (WHICH IS AWESOME).



Rad Cat Lives!

Going to try to get my Etsy shop up and running again soon. Excuse the terrible webcam picture!


Gospel Music

So I was wandering around Manchester today listening to a Kill Rock Stars compilation and this song came on and I was all like I HAVE TO ANIMATE THIS RAAAARR. Turns out it already has a pretty lovely video. I'd still like to animate something for it though, maybe after I've finished my other animation.

I Miss Berlin


I am such an emo


Big Rad Cat


I smell some screenprinting coming on.

Emily and the Woods / Big Brown Owl

Another poster for Beautiful Strange, I really like how the trees in the background came out.


Big Pink Cat

Another poster I've just finished for Underachievers. Worra beaut.