Animation Beginnings and Inspiration

For my Defining Interactive Practice module at university we have until February to do basically any project we like, whether it be a continuation of previous work or something entirely new. I've decided to really concentrate on animation (utilizing illustration along the way) and finish off a project I started last year, although changed around a little bit.

So far I've been drawing down a lot of ideas and loose draft storyboards in my sketchbook, as well as trying to teach myself how to use Adobe After Effects. I definitely want to continue with 2D, hand drawn frames scanned into the computer as opposed to experimenting with 3D computer generated animation. 

I've also been looking at existing animations to try to work out how they were achieved and put together, here are some of my favourites.

Music video for 'No Turning Back' by Sarah Blasko, directed by Celeste Potter (not sure if she was responsible for creating all the animation) I think this is just stunningly perfect and wonderful!

'Howard'  by Julia Pott. I absolutely adore all of Pott's work, both animation and illustration

'Pipelines: Here, There, Everywhere?' by Daniel Gies / e.d. films. An educational film about pipes and plumbing systems but the animation is totally gorgeous.

Music video for 'Full Moon Reggae Party' by Tigercats by illustrator and Tigercats' lead singer, Duncan Barrett

Music video for 'Hide' by Kris Menace featuring Miss Kittin, animated by Mathieu B├ętard, Pierre Ruitz and Jonathan Djob Nkondo.

Music video for 'Feels Like We Only Go Backwards' by Tame Impala directed by Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling.

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