More A-Z Japes

I've just started drawing again after a having a really horrendous month. It was (no) thanks to loads of horrible things that have happened over the last year or so that finally all came to the surface and got a bit overwhelming. I'm feeling much better now though and finally feel like I'm starting to get back on my feet and actually wanting to start drawing again!

These are two illustrations that make up part of my Animal A-Z zine/project/whatever, very nearly finished it now! Only V onwards to go.

Also, this is my submission for the Endangered A-Z project that Creature Magazine have been running, I got allocated the letter F - fish-eating bat. Oh what a lovely chap he is.

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  1. aw, these are just so lovely! I hope you are feeling better now and illustrating helped keep your mind off things! kind regards, Susanna